a video wall

Video walls are a modern and increasingly popular solution used in entertainment, advertising, marketing, and special events. With its capability to separate the signal from 4K inputs, KMU 100 converter is an excellent tool for creating a video wall by multiplying signals from one or two 4K sources.

And a video wall created with two KMU 100 devices attains a resolution of 8K!

Video production
and post-production

KMU 100 capabilities are perfect for, among others, video image post-production. The material is recorded with one or two video cameras at 4k resolution.

With KMU, we can not only change the composition, but also the shots. The end result will resemble the usage of several cameras, and transitions will be smooth and natural. At the same time, this solution allows for the material to be realized by a single operator – thus allowing the reduction of production costs. And the resulting material will still be of a high quality and FullHD resolution!

The highest quality in security systems

KMU is an invaluable tool in creating a top-notch security systems. It allows you to get eight 3G HD outputs from a single 4K camera.

As KMU 100 processes the signal in real time, you obtain the effect of 8 high-quality mobile video cameras – but without their actual movement.

This way, the converter provides both new opportunities and the possibilities to cut down the costs by reducing the number of actual video cameras and cables, while simultaneously increasing precision and quality in capturing all the important details.