4k technology

The highest image quality, perfect sound, beautiful details and colors, impressive parameters – but also countless possible applications and recipients’ sensational experience and excitement. 4K standard is a technology of the future, yet available for you right now!

We give you not only the inspiration, but also the tools needed to fully exploit the potential of 4K technology.

Just see what you can achieve with KMU 100 converter and our other solutions!


advanced video converter for universal use


KMU 100 is an advanced video converter that enables UHD signal (3840×2160) processing and conversion into four different high quality streams, with their resolution up to FullHD. What’s more, the product has two independent conversion channels!

This allows you to connect two 4K signal sources running simultaneously and independently, which means the signal can be converted into a total of 8 3G-SDI outputs.

This solution is ideal for professionals who deal with production and broadcasting of video materials, using a variety of sources and signal types. It is perfect to apply both on set and during events’ transmission.


    In addition, KMU 100 converter is really easy to use. A complete software is provided with the device, and LAN connection is used to connect it to a computer with an application.

    The small size of the device, its user-friendly interface, and the support with DV Link platform also influences converter’s usability and user experience.

    How does KMU 100 operate?

    KMU 100 simultaneously converts signals from two video inputs with resolutions up to UHD (3840×2160). It supports a variety of video formats and enables connection of signal sources in the form of SDI, HDMI, and DP. The output signals (8 channels) are created by indicating an active area from the area of the device’s input signals for each channel. These areas are defined in the application installed on a computer connected via LAN to KMU 100.

    The definition of the area, which will determine the output content, is nothing more than a simple positioning of a rectangle in the MultiViewer preview for a given channel, and that, of course, against the background of the device’s input signal. For one of the channels, you can scale the signal from full 4K resolution to FullHD, and there is up and down scaling (zoom) possible for all other outputs. The output area (position of each rectangle) may be a function of a variable, which means in constant motion. The scope of these changes and the end positions are defined in the application.

    This way, KMU 100 creates 8 SDI outputs (2 x 4 or 1 x 8). Two MultiViewer HDMI outputs are used for preview and device configuration. KMU 100 means multiple applications and uses, as this device allows for a variety of effects that will satisfy every professional engaged in production and broadcasting of audiovisual materials!



    a video wall

    Video walls are a modern and increasingly popular solution used in entertainment, advertising, marketing, and special events. With its capability to separate the signal from 4K inputs, KMU 100 converter is an excellent tool for creating a video wall by multiplying signals from one or two 4K sources.

    And a video wall created with two KMU 100 devices attains a resolution of 8K!

    Video production
    and post-production

    KMU 100 capabilities are perfect for, among others, video image post-production. The material is recorded with one or two video cameras at 4k resolution.

    With KMU, we can not only change the composition, but also the shots. The end result will resemble the usage of several cameras, and transitions will be smooth and natural. At the same time, this solution allows for the material to be realized by a single operator – thus allowing the reduction of production costs. And the resulting material will still be of a high quality and FullHD resolution!

    The highest quality in security systems

    KMU is an invaluable tool in creating a top-notch security systems. It allows you to get eight 3G HD outputs from a single 4K camera.

    As KMU 100 processes the signal in real time, you obtain the effect of 8 high-quality mobile video cameras – but without their actual movement.

    This way, the converter provides both new opportunities and the possibilities to cut down the costs by reducing the number of actual video cameras and cables, while simultaneously increasing precision and quality in capturing all the important details.




    SDI Video Input

    • 2 x (1) – 10 bit HD, 3G levels A and B, 6G or 12G UHD switchable
    • 6 x (2,3,4) – 10 bit HD, 3G levels A and B switchable. Usable as Quad SDI 4x3G SDI input for UHD

    HDMI video Input

    • 2x HDMI type A connector with support for 2160p60

    HDMI video Input

    • 2x HDMI type A connector with support for 2160p60

    SDI Video Output

    • 8 x – 10 bit SD, HD, 3G levels A and B switchable

    HDMI video Output

    • 2x HDMI type A connector with support for 1080p60

    SDI Audio Input

    • 8 channels in HD, 3G HD, and UHD

    SDI Audio Output

    • 8 channels in HD, 3G HD, and UHD

    Multi Rate support

    • SDI connections are switchable between standard definition, high definition and UltraHD

    Sync Input (Genlock)

    • Blackburst or TriSync

    Computer interface

    • Ethernet RJ45 for control, configuration and updates
    • RS-232 x 1 input for controlling configuration
    • RS-422 x 1 input with external keyboard support

    RMC-185 control panel interface

    • RS-422 x 1 channel for RMC-185 control panel

    GPIO interface

    • 8 General Purpose Inputs – triggered motion start

    Software Control

    • Dedicated software control utility application included free of charge for changing settings via Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

    Physical Specifications

    • 440 x 130 x 55 mm

    Power Supply

    • Included external 12V / 5A power supply

    Operating Temperature

    • 5° to 50 ° C (41° to 122° F)

    Storage Temperature

    • -20° to 45 ° C (-4° to 113° F)

    Relative Humidity

    • 0% to 90% non-condensing


    SD Format Support

    • 625/25 PAL,
    • 525/29.97 NTSC

    1.5 Gb/s HD Format Support

    • 720p50,
    • 720p59.94,
    • 1080p25,
    • 1080p29.97,
    • 1080i50, 1080i59.94

    3 Gb/s HD Format Support

    • 1080p50,
    • 1080p59.94
    • 1080p60 levels A and B

    Ultra HD Format Support

    • 2160p25,
    • 2160p29.97,
    • 2160p50,
    • 2160p59.94

    SDI Compliance

    • SMPTE 259M,
    • SMPTE 292M,
    • SMPTE 296M,
    • SMPTE 425M,
    • SMPTE2082-1

    Audio Sampling

    • Television standard sample rate of 48kHz and 24-bit HD, 20-bit SD

    Video Sampling

    • 4:2:2

    Color Precision

    • 10-bit

    Color Space

    • REC 601,
    • REC 709


    Outputs definition

    Each channel has four rectangles definition of the way how input signal is divided into 4 different outputs. Is it done by drawing 4 different windows 1,2,3 and 4. Content bordered by every window will be send to corresponded output.

    Windows motion

    Motion is possible for every rectangle. User select size and position of Start and Stop the rectangle. One can select motion mode:

    • Once – single pass from Start to Stop,
    • Ping-Pong – cyclic pass Start-Stop Stop-Start Start-Stop,
    • Loop – cyclic pass Start-Stop Start-Stop.

    Multiviewer output

    Live preview of selected outputs:

    • Preview – Four rectangles in Start position on live input.
    • Motion preview – visible rectangles Start, Current, Stop on live input, but only for selected tab 1,2,3 or 4
    • Quad view – preview of four output content

    Back connection panel








    Superb speed of 12G SDI allows you to record, play and upload video materials in Ultra HD quality – that means the quality four times better than traditional HD 1080 with video resolution of 3849 x 2160!

    Simultaneously, 12G SDI remains compatible with all the SDI equipment.

    This technology of the future is also implemented in KMU 100!


    Quad SDI technology enables transmission of UHD resolution feeds with the use of four 3G SDI signals and standard cables. In practice, this solution was developed even before such formats as 12G SDI appeared. KMU 100 also supports this format giving you the full compliance with earlier devices operating in UHD formats.

    It also means that, through this standard, you can transmit the feed in the format up to 2160p60 Ultra HD with four SDI cables from a camera or connect a projector that only supports HD 1080 format.


    The HDMI 2.0 standard means the highest image quality, signal bandwidth up to 18 Gbps, resolution up to 4K, and great quality of sound and colors. KMU 100 converter with its two HDMI 2.0 inputs will allow you to take advantage of these capabilities through versatile universal – and creative – possible applications!


    DP 1.2 interface is a quality in video broadcasting! Maximum bandwidth can support the signal with even greater image resolution than those currently available on the market!
    It easily handles signal from multiple displays – quickly and without compression. It is multifunctional – it can combine different types of signal (audio, video) in a single cable, supporting all kinds of resolutions and standards.
    You can find the DisplayPort also in KMU 100!



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