KMU 100 is an advanced video converter that enables UHD signal (3840×2160) processing and conversion into four different high quality streams, with their resolution up to FullHD. What’s more, the product has two independent conversion channels!

This allows you to connect two 4K signal sources running simultaneously and independently, which means the signal can be converted into a total of 8 3G-SDI outputs.

This solution is ideal for professionals who deal with production and broadcasting of video materials, using a variety of sources and signal types. It is perfect to apply both on set and during events’ transmission.


    In addition, KMU 100 converter is really easy to use. A complete software is provided with the device, and LAN connection is used to connect it to a computer with an application.

    The small size of the device, its user-friendly interface, and the support with DV Link platform also influences converter’s usability and user experience.

    How does KMU 100 operate?

    KMU 100 simultaneously converts signals from two video inputs with resolutions up to UHD (3840×2160). It supports a variety of video formats and enables connection of signal sources in the form of SDI, HDMI, and DP. The output signals (8 channels) are created by indicating an active area from the area of the device’s input signals for each channel.┬áThese areas are defined in the application installed on a computer connected via LAN to KMU 100.

    The definition of the area, which will determine the output content, is nothing more than a simple positioning of a rectangle in the MultiViewer preview for a given channel, and that, of course, against the background of the device’s input signal. For one of the channels, you can scale the signal from full 4K resolution to FullHD, and there is up and down scaling (zoom) possible for all other outputs. The output area (position of each rectangle) may be a function of a variable, which means in constant motion. The scope of these changes and the end positions are defined in the application.

    This way, KMU 100 creates 8 SDI outputs (2 x 4 or 1 x 8). Two MultiViewer HDMI outputs are used for preview and device configuration. KMU 100 means multiple applications and uses, as this device allows for a variety of effects that will satisfy every professional engaged in production and broadcasting of audiovisual materials!